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Hanover, April 16, 2021. Uniroyal is now starting production of the new WinterExpert passenger car and SUV tire. With the new winter tire, the Belgian brand has succeeded in significantly improving the safety and efficiency of its predecessor, the MS plus 77. At the same time, Uniroyal is using the WinterExpert to create an entirely new, more intuitive and international brand name for the successful tire series. The range of sizes is also being expanded significantly.

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High safety values in wet and snowy conditions

For the WinterExpert, the developers have developed a completely new tread profile that is designed ideally for safety in wintery conditions. The tire offers good handling on wet roads, particularly high resistance to aquaplaning and powerful braking performance. To achieve these values, Uniroyal is using its tried-and-tested Shark Skin Technology, which is based on the structure of shark skin for the tread design. This technology is now available for the first time on a winter tire. Moreover, Uniroyal has increased the number of sipes and traction edges of the tread, as well as developing a unique 3D groove structure known as the traction tooth. This ensures better grip on the snow and increases the lateral forces. Accordingly, depending on its size, the WinterExpert has been classed as “B” in the wet braking category on the EU tire label.

Low rolling resistance ensures fewer emissions

Despite the high requirements placed on the safety of WinterExpert, Uniroyal has also succeeded in significantly reducing rolling resistance using a new silica compound. This has a considerable positive effect on gasoline consumption and emissions, saves money and protects the environment. Here, the WinterExpert receives the “C” rating on the EU tire label in the rolling resistance category.

In order to serve as many vehicles as possible, Uniroyal has significantly expanded its range of sizes. Compared with its predecessor, the new winter tire will be available in an additional 26 sizes, allowing it to be fitted to most of the cars and SUVs widely used in Europe.

The WinterExpert is available for sale just in time for the winter season, or from fall 2021 at the latest.


Fit for summer: two current summer tires and one all-season tire

Uniroyal is going into the 2021 summer season with two summer tire models and an all-season tire with safe wet characteristics that are typical of the brand. Launched last year, the RainSport 5 is designed for powerful cars and sports cars, and Uniroyal offers the RainExpert 3 for passenger cars up to the mid-size class. Most of the two models bear the best wet grip value “A” on the EU tire label. The product range is rounded off by the AllSeasonExpert 2 as an all-season tire. All models are also equipped with Shark Skin Technology for special safety in wet conditions.

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